Getting Started: Working Out

Working out….. Sigh. Let’s be honest Facebook and Instagram alone can be depressing. Seeing a him or her with a jacked up body holding dumbbells with sweat dripping down their six pack posting “Went hard at the gym” can make anyone wish they looked like that or even had the motivation to do that! Who is to say that cannot be you and why is it that you can’t find those working out motivational posts….hmm motivating? As I stated in my “About Us” section I’m not a stickler to tell you what exactly to do but I can help in offering a different perspective as to how we may be able to get that motivation kicking in. The truth is this. It’s not about working out and eating right to look great and posting your progress on FB or Instagram it’s about YOU and about how YOU need to always do what’s best for you and fortunately what’s best for you is to be healthy! Do you want to suffer from weak bones, high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, obesity…. The list goes on! Do you want to be the one who can’t run around with your kids and enjoy the fruits of all the physical activity life has to offer? I don’t think you want to shorten your life span and I know deep down you do have your best interest at heart. Perhaps some of the tips I am going to offer in getting you started may address some of why you’ve been holding back.

Making it a habit. The hardest part of creating a workout regimen is sticking to it and doing it 3-5x a week. Maybe because we put working out on some high untouchable pedestal. We tell ourselves it will be hard, it will take long, where will I work out, I don’t have that much time. Well my friend, do you have 20 minutes a day? Then you have time! Making it a habit doesn’t mean starting with a hard core workout regimen. What I’m referring to when suggesting you create a habit is to do anything physical for 20 minutes a day. You can start with walking for 20 minutes a day. Shake your butt and dance in your room for 20 minutes in front of the mirror. Stretch for 20 minutes. Pick the activity of your choice and do it for 20 minutes a day. Dedicate yourself to that allotted time without placing an unrealistic goal of doing an hour long workout and you will open a space in your day that cannot be touched. Once the habit is formed you can start from there. You can begin incorporating a higher level of fitness and eventually you will see an hour has passed at the gym and you didn’t even notice!

Start when you are ready. Okay so now you know we only need to start with short amount of time each day. You can start tomorrow right? WRONG! You have to start somewhere and sometime but DO NOT embark on any goal or start any program or begin any plan until you are ready. What exactly do I mean by that? Unless you are ready to commit to something and you’ve had enough time to let it realistically saturate in your mind that this is what you are going to be doing from now on PERMANENTLY do yourself a favor and hold off. While you’re at it toss that favorite word of yours “tomorrow” out the window too. Refraining from saying tomorrow will do wonders. The more you give yourself time to plan ahead for this the higher the probability that you will stick to it. Mark your “ready to start” date in your calendar and then let your fitness journey take off!

Choose an activity you enjoy I don’t know about you but when I enjoy doing something I find it less difficult to commit to it. Perhaps you do not find joy in running every day. That can get boring and I don’t blame you. The more you spice your fitness life up the more you won’t find it being a drag or something on your “to do” list. Add music to your workout. Get a friend to join you. Start a group with friends where you meet weekly and each person chooses a different activity. By exploring your options and looking at this as something exciting and new that you are going to begin doing you will not only make this an appointment that cannot be missed but you will probably perform to your maximum capacity. Remember this isn’t about just looking good this is about getting you to commit to what’s best for you and that is bein healthy! You can always message me for some ideas!

Fuel Okay this one is the last but most important. Your car runs best on the fuel that suits it correct? Look at your body in this way. If you are putting high refined sugars, fried foods, food high in saturated fats and heavy no good carbs in your body how is it supposed to perform? The only place these habits will take you is right to the couch to watch more of that god awful life sucking vortex some of us like to call the TV. This is one of those things that you will only see the difference when you’ve made a change. You will be surprised how much energy you will feel if you clean up the meals even a little bit. If we can start by making sure at least 70% of what you are eating is good fuel than not only will you gain some energy to move your butt but you will be surprised how you perform when you do so! Fruits and veggies are fast foods! They taste great and most can be eaten as is, or prepared a 1,000 different ways! I will write more on this in my next blog but in the meantime there are great pages on FB, Twitter and Instagram you can begin following for more insight, ideas and inspiration!

I’m excited for you to get started! If you have any feedback, additional commentaries that may assist or questions feel free to comment or even shoot me an email:

One thought on “Getting Started: Working Out

  1. Great Post!!! I think I need to work on #1 & #4. I need to start by setting realistic goals that I know I can meet. You’re right…I dont need to start with Insanity.. 20 minutes of walking and Pilates could work.

    Also, I’ve never tailored my diet around working out. It makes so much sense after reading this. Going to start doing some research!

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