Your internal fire: Agni Sara

First and foremost welcome to the Way to Wellness blog! I’m pretty new to this so please lets forgive any blog 101 rules I may have not followed. Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions though!

For starters it took me sometime to open my mind to anything that involved working on spiritual self. Most of us cannot be blamed for this as society has set us up to accomplish all that is money, being thin and glamour. Luckily for me my mom never stopped trying to force her Yogic followings, readings and discoveries down my throat. I wasn’t embracive or open minded about learning the power behind any of the teachings, practices or readings and the more she persisted the more I did not budge! I remember the first time I listened to a meditation guidance and was like “Who is this guy sounds like the love guru!” I really underestimated not so much the practice, but what the findings (because that’s what they are in my opinion findings that some such as myself label as blessings) could really do for me. I was always very big on ” I am my answer and I have all I need”…. And it’s true but what if there are some tools that can help guide us in discovering this more effectively. Let’s just say the unavoidable happened…. I went through a troubling time in which I felt myself drowning and desperate for an answer to just fill this internal vacancy I had found within myself. One always knows what they are capable of and what they can achieve but there may be more than just fear as an obstacle. So I did what WE ALLLL end up doing at one point or another and I listened to my mom. I attended a 10 day Yoga Retreat. Let’s just say I wasn’t in downward dog all day. I attended a few lectures , practiced meditation and learned that Yoga is not just a physical practice but more a spiritual enlightenment and way of life. There was a lecture given by MD Carrie Demers that will always stick with me. It was about the practice of “Agni Sara”.

Let’s introduce the thought process behind all of this by presenting the concept this way: You, my dear friend, do not go to the bank and retrieve funds when your account has a zero balance or when it’s in negative. Do you? No, because there is nothing there of monetary value that you can do anything with. So it leaves you broke and incapable of moving forward. You cannot buy food, invest or do something as simple as putting gas in your car. You’re stuck. Correct? Well let’s pretend that you have an internal Bank account. Work, life at home , relationships… whatever stressors you may have has contributed to the depletion of some of your funds. Rather than stopping in your tracks to continue investing in yourself what tends to happen is you also contribute to the depletion. You may eat unhealthy food, give into bad habits, leave out any physical activity in your day, feed into the negativity and stress that you and the rest of us are set up to drown in. So you finally have a zero balance…. You are stuck…again . How can you be resourceful at work, or to your kids or significant others if you have no internal funds/resources….You can’t! The worst part is if you are not resourceful to yourself you cannot be resourceful to those around you. Our “Agni” can also be looked at this way.

Agni meaning fire in this case is referred to as the internal flame found in our navel center and is what links our body and mind. The practice of nourishing that element of fire is Agni Sara. This practice surprisingly can help us in many physiological ways but more importantly Sandra Anderson from the Himalayan Institute mentions “it Increases in vitality resulting from agni sara translate emotionally into less anxiety and a persistent steadiness in the face of life’s challenges. Regular practice increases our capacity to manage emotional distress and prompts a sense of enthusiasm and spiritual confidence. Agni sara prevents the downward collapse of not only physical but also mental and emotional energy, and maintains vigor in all aspects of our being”.

By raising our awareness about the depletion of our funds/fire we are bringing our attention inwards. We are focusing on that vacancy and it is only then that we can begin to work on igniting our center. We can use tools such as the practice of Agni Sara to enhance what we already know lies within. We can continuously ignite the fire within that helps maintain our body and mind…. Our fire cannot be of use to us with a bunch of wet logs on it from stress anxiety and problems. The nourishment of mind body and spirit work collaboratively to provide wellness to our being. It is important that we remember that. It is important that you remain resourceful to yourself before all because the rest falls effortlessly in to place when this is done. If your fire is maintained others will want to surround themselves in the comfort of your contagious warmth. So nourish your body with healthy food and some agni sara today, nourish your mind with awareness that you know what lies within but cannot always do it on your own and may need some help and nourish your spirit with the eternal love and investing you will be doing in yourself.

If you are interested in Agni Sara practice there is more information here:

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