Easy Peasy Snacks on the Go

Some of us may not realize the impact that eating good healthy clean food has on us. It can improve your mood, energy levels and prevent various health conditions. I’ve heard time and time again that eating clean can be a drag and time consuming. Chopping veggies, washing fruit, cooking. Who’s got that kind of time! Well I think we can all afford to set aside less than one hour to food prep. You can shop for what you need on Sunday , prep it and store it! Food prepping prepares you for the week so all you have to do is open the fridge, grab and GO. This consists of peeling and washing your fruits/veggies and preparing whatever concoction you may have in mind. You then chop fruits/veggies to your size preference and store in the fridge in containers or baggies. You can always message me for more details on this. Now remember we should all be eating 5-6 times a day to not only trigger your metabolism but to incorporate all healthy nutrients into your daily food intake (I refrained from saying diet because we are not on a diet! We are enhancing our healthy lifestyle). This blog entry will focus on 10 snacks I find easy to take with me on the go and I will include my favorite brands for some. I would suggest your first snack between 10:30-11 am, lunch around 1-1:30 and the second snack around 3-3:30. Snacks are great because they keep the body fueled and make you less hungry during your next meal. Try to keep 2 hours between meals to avoid acid reflux and allow your metabolism to function properly. ***Lastly please portion your snacks appropriately*** If your snack is looking more like a meal let’s cut back a little. Remember you have four other meals to enjoy! Please feel free to comment and share your favorite on the go snacks. The more information we share the more knowledge people will have 🙂 Okay here we go:

1. Veggies:Celery carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, avocado I personally love taking veggies as a snack. Prepping celery and carrots is probably my top two. There is so much you can mix them with including items listed below. You can have them with hummus, peanut butter or the low fat dressing of your choice! My favorite is a snack called ants on a log. Celery+ peanut putter and 2-3 raisins on top. Deeeelish!

2. Trail Mix I prefer to make my own but many super markets and gourmet food stores sell them already made. You can get creative: almonds, walnuts, raisins, dried cranberry, any other dried fruits, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds. Go nuts! Try to make sure almonds walnuts and raisins are always included though!

3. Granola/Trail Mix bars I prefer the brand Kashi as their ingredients are all natural and low in calorie and sugar content. This kind of snack puts a smile on my face when I’m in a big time rush to work!

4. Almond Butter/ Peanut Butter Few of us don’t appreciate the taste of almond butter. In that case stick with the peanut butter although the almond butter is better for you. I like to stick to stores like Fairway where I can make my own almond butter. Not only is it fun to do but it can’t get much more natural and clean than that. This is great because you can mix it with fruits, veggies and brown rice cakes. One of my personal favorites that kills a sweet craving: brown rice cake, almond butter, 3-4 slices of banana.

5. Hummus Who knew mashed chick peas could taste so good. Most stores will sell pre-portioned containers of these. They are super nutritious and a great mix with veggies or wheat crackers.

6. Fruits Most fruits are super easy to take on the go: bananas kiwi, apple, orange, grapefruit, grapes. Most supermarkets also sell pre-cut containers with mixed fruit or single fruits. I’m always a sucker for these because I can toss a variety into a smaller baggie or container and mix with either yogurt or cottage cheese. ** If you eat a banana as a snack you can do 1 banana or 1/2 mixed with a few almonds. Don’t overdo it because of the sugar content*

7. Cottage Cheese Some brands such as Breakstone’s sell cottage cheese pre-portioned as well. Try and stick with the low fat kind. This snack is a bit filling and tastes great with fruit. I love it most with pineapple.

8. Non Fat Yogurt I prefer Chobani Yogurt. They have a variety of flavors and taste great. You can throw some granola or trail mix in a baggie or fruits to mix it with.

9. Brown Rice Cakes These are great! You can eat them alone, with peanut butter or my choice: sliced avocado.

10. Bean salad Make large bowl of this on Sunday. To eat entirely clean you can buy all ingredients fresh but you don’t have to. There are organic low sodium cans of all the ingredients. My fave recipe is : green beans, pinto beans, black beans and chick peas. You can throw in some red peppers too. Add 1 1/2 tbsp of white vinegar , ex. Virgin olive oil, oregano and salt and pepper to taste. Yum!

Feel free to share your favorite on the go snacks!!

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