What’Supp with Supplements

Hey There!
Today, I want to discuss supplements with you. What’s the deal with supplements and why are there so many?! Different supplements play different roles in the body. You need supplements for energy metabolism and chemical reactions within your body.  For example, vitamin deficiency can be very risky which is why it is part of the RDA (recommended daily allowance) guidelines. Almost all vitamins (excluding Vitamin D) comes from consumption. The truth is most of you aren’t getting the sufficient  amount of vitamin and mineral intake from your diet. Even if you are a healthy eater all the chemical additives and processing of food today leaves you not knowing if your food has been stripped of its’ nutritional value. Moreover, the air we breathe is… well…polluted. This makes it super difficult for your body to absorb the proper nutrients. Lack of vitamins also weakens the body making it unable to fight free radicals (cancer causing agents). So as you can see, it’s essential to provide your body with the recommended amount of nutrients and minerals. Below is a list of supplements I personally take daily and why. I welcome you to leave any questions or suggestions you may have below and please share with a loved one!
1. Multivitamin 
This is the most important and basic supplement. If you decide not to take any other supplement I highly recommend you at least take this one daily. It is essential that toddlers, children, teens and adults take them. Multivitamins help keep you healthy and your body fully functioning. With a single tablet you can meet the daily requirements of vitamin and minerals that you do not get from your diet.
2. Fish oil 
Fish oil has DHA and EPA which are Omega-3 fatty acids. DHA and EPA are super essential to your body! This supplement can be taken whether you are physically active or not. It has a sleuth of health benefits such as heart health support, antioxidant properties, it supports insulin function, improves memory and aids weightloss. Nothing fishy about the benefits of this product!
3. Calcium + Vitamin D
This supplement is most important to your bone health. It supports bone density and keeps them strengthened as aging occurs. Calcium+Vitamin D also regulates hormone levels especially after menopause. So let’s avoid a hip fracture and keep nourishing those bones!
4. Biotin 
I absolutely love this supplement. It improves and conserves the health of hair, nails and leaves you with radiant skin. Also known as the “beauty pill”, this supplement aids in weight loss and can be used in treatments of type 2 diabetes. It supports the digestive tract and increases energy levels. I have personally noticed a physical difference in my own body by using this product.
5. CLA : Conjugated Linoleic Acid
Linoleic acid is primarily found in meats and dairy. It contains Omega 6 fatty acids which are crucial and beneficial to the body. This supplement has helped consumers lose more body fat and has antioxidant properties. This is beneficial to take if you workout 5+ times a week, are an athlete or body builder. Research shows that CLA increases muscle growth, lowers cholesterol, enhances the immune system and can even reduce allergies to specific foods. If you engage in physical activity with the intention to lean out and reduce body fat composition this is the supplement to consume daily!
Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave any questions or comments below!
Stay Well,
Coach Nadia K

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