Why a Wellness Coach

It’s either this question or “what is a wellness coach?” that I’m frequently asked. Most don’t really know what wellness coaching is all about because it is the newest addition to the Health & Lifestyle Industry. Although the concept of wellness coaching is new, it has dramatically helped individuals with achieving lifelong health goals vs meeting short term goals in lifestyle change. Many people re-lapse when attempting to make a transition to healthier living and it’s uncertain why if they are given the tools. It is this very reason that the wellness area of expertise came about. My post below will go over a few reasons why Wellness Coaching may be a better option for you or anyone if you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Wellness Coaching,Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist… What’s the diff?
Fitness Training and Nutritional planning have helped a vast number of people looking to lose weight by instructing what exactly needs to be done. For some of you it is under specific instruction that you gain better results and perform however everyone is different. The goal behind wellness coaching is not to instruct you what to do but rather help you actualize why you should do these things and what will happen if you don’t. It also helps define if the answers to both are important enough to YOU. This helps asses the level of commitment and readiness before even stepping into the arena of diet change and fitness planning. Why? A great number of you usually lose motivation after awhile. Half the time it’s because you haven’t established the core reasons why you wanted to do this in the first place…. FAILLLLLL. There is usually a deeper reason why you lose motivation and once that motivation is lost you certainly will not be visiting neither the Fitness Trainer nor the Nutritionist. FAILLLL AGAIN! Getting to the core of why, what, when, where and how then vocalizing and expanding on it is key to harvest the motivation to stay on track. You can be given the tools and told what to do but if the foundation is not set in place by solidifying the answers to these questions than being told what to do is pointless once you are out of your Nutritionist’s or Personal Trainer’s site. We encourage and assist in assessing what detrimental behavioral trends contribute to the lack of achieving these goals for LIFE. There is a great deal of knowledge acquisition in the process as well. This sets you up to be able to continue your healthy living goals without having to be told what to do all the time. Great Success!

During sessions with a Wellness Coach there is much discussion about YOUR lifestyle, YOUR behaviors and YOUR actual day to day. We cannot stress enough that everyone is different, therefore everyone should be following a different program. Some of you are always on the go, some have a little more downtime to cater to a different diet, some of you don’t like certain workout plans therefore you probably won’t do them on your own. Wellness Coaches customize wellness programs with realistic expectations in mind. Why? Because realistic goal planning that caters to you is more likely to become actualized. I have seen greater results by consulting clients on healthier alternatives regarding fitness, nutrition and spiritual well being based around what they actually enjoy doing and eating. This type of planning programs the brain to associate healthier living with “I want to” as opposed to “I have to”.

Mind Body & Spirit
A Wellness Coach takes into consideration that all three : mind body and spirit are in balance. This is the only way you can experience overall wellness and more importantly the only way you can experience overall happiness. It is important that you not only look great but feel great as well. Wellness Coaches go as far as assessing stress, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, work and sleep levels in addition to any conflicts you may be going through. So aside from the nutritional and fitness planning provided through wellness coaching we really hone in on whether you’re okay or not on the internal front. Your wellness coach doesn’t just hand you a list of instructions to follow but rather works with you to accomplish your defined wellness goals.

You Won’t Need Us For Long
The length of your Wellness Coaching program depends solely on you. I’ve had clients whom after 4 visits no longer needed me! Readiness levels vary in addition to commitment levels. These are the determining factors yourself and your coach will consider when deciding whether “it’s time to let go”. The good thing is you will work closely with your wellness coach on this plan because the intention of a wellness program is for it to evolve into a permanent change for healthier living. These programs can extend anywhere between 1-4 months.

These are just some not all of the reasons why Wellness Coaching is an alternative to consider. If you have any further questions or are interested in exploring this option please contact me!

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