Self -Confidence 


You need to be the one controlling the carving tool to create the sculpture you want. If you hand the tool over someone will create their own vision and their own sculpture. It may not reflect you at all….🔨🔨🔨 

Your SELF confidence and your vision of yourself starts with SELF. It cannot come from others otherwise it would be called Others-confidence not self-confidence.

Sometimes we may let the voices of others slowly kill and diminish what we see good in ourselves, our vision, our potential. It may tarnish that inner voice that inner confidence. I won’t say don’t allow others to affect you because it’s not possible but I can tell you that if you work on strengthening YOUR SELF voice dismissing this BS will come easily. If the reason you doubt yourself or stop believing in yourself is because of weak forces (bc only weak people do this to others) outside of you then make it unacceptable for YOURSELF to internalize it. Screw those people and stop surrounding yourself with them. Revoke that invitation you’ve given for them to contribute to what you believe about yourself. 

I’m putting this out there bc it’s a shitty feeling n I needed the message as well. I know how difficult it can be. It starts with you  so no longer tolerate (from yourself) to spend your energy on anything other than embracing all that you are and continuously working on your greatness.

Stay Well!

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