Your Emotional Wellness

emot wellness

 I want to visit a different topic today and share my thoughts. After having the privilege of sitting down with numerous people from all walks of life, I’ve found that there is one key commonality: struggling with maintaining an emotional well-being.  When given a diet and fitness regimen we won’t be too convinced to follow it if our spirits are down. When we are not emotionally well the chances of wanting to accomplish or doing anything are slim to none.  It’s unlikely we will hit the gym, eat healthy, nurture relationships, advance in our career or have an overall balanced well-being when we are emotionally troubled. Why is that?

I want you to envision your mind and body as parts of a vehicle. Think of your emotional state as the driver of that vehicle. Your emotional well-being determines which direction the vehicle takes.  It decides whether you go in the direction of “Self-Improvement Junction” or if you are taking a turn down “Self-Destruction Boulevard.”

There is much to be interpreted about what triggers your emotional state. In this post I want to begin a dialogue about values and how they can be tied to how you currently feel. This is important in determining how to maintain a balanced well-being. You must first understand what may be affecting your emotions, both positive and negative, before you can experience emotional wellness.  Your values and how committed you are to them play key roles in how you feel. I will use myself as an example. I value balance in my life. There was a time I was driving myself into the ground with work. I had very little time for family and the things I enjoyed.  I noticed a change in myself. I quickly transitioned from being fun-loving, creative and solution-driven to cranky, irate, impatient and upset.  I was slowly losing commitment to the value of balance in my life.  I didn’t understand the importance of this value until my commitment to work became more important.  Working hard is an important priority to me, however, my level of commitment to work wasn’t true to my core value and it affected my emotional state. I saw my drive, attitude and well-being plummet.  I re-assessed what values were true to me, but more importantly reconsidered my commitments to them.  I created a more balanced schedule for myself, which included “me time” and what a difference it made!

What do you value most? Is it success but you are not quite where you’d like to be in your career so you beat yourself up over it? Is it love and you struggle with a relationship you do not feel loved in therefore your spirits feel down? Do you value peace but find yourself constantly drowning because of financial troubles?  What is your core value and what is your level of commitment to it? I ask you all of this because my intention is for you to understand your emotions.  Understanding them will help you resolve them. Resolving them will help you accept them.  Resolution and acceptance will ignite and promote the desire to focus on your health, your relationships and/or your career. It is important that you take care of your emotional well-being because it is the driver of YOUR vehicle. Identify your values, re-visit your commitment to them and avoid heading in a direction you do not wish to travel!

I’d love to hear from you! What values do you struggle committing to?

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