Wellness in Your Living Room

I’m super excited to share my online studio with you all! I’ve received endless messages asking if I will be in other areas conducting wellness sessions or our HIIT classes. For this very reason I decided that it was time to invest in something that allows you to have access to LIVE sessions and classes with me. Aside from the fact that this site is awesome it allows me to provide you with the following :
-Live sessions for OPEN/PUBLIC group classes
-A PRIVATE session for you personally or with a group of friends
-My video library where I can upload and store videos for your viewing
-Pay per class option or monthly subscription

I’m so excited about this because there are so many of you I would love to work with and have more interaction with aside from Email/Facebook/Instagram/ My Newsletter/ My Blog.

Sooooo to test the waters I’m starting with a Monday 6:30 pm AB class BUT the catch is there are only 5 spots available so first come first serve! As time progresses the classes will be larger. Message me for more info but hope to see you all on my screen!!

My Wellness Online Studio

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