How You Can Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

They say that the hardest part about losing weight is to make eating clean and working out a habit. Perhaps that’s true but staying motivated to lose weight is very challenging for many of you. After meeting with so many wonderful people and assisting them in expanding their knowledge about healthy living I’ve come across the same question: How can you stay motivated to lose weight? I’m not going to write about how it’s easy to stay motivated to lose weight but there are some perspectives and choices to consider that may help.

A Lapse doesn’t have to be a Re-Lapse
We can agree that when you get started on any weight loss plan the motivation is in full force. Then after some time you may cheat or tend to fall off your plan. You had a slice of pizza and you didn’t work out when you were supposed to. It happens! Its ok and no offense but get over it! No need to self-destruct because of it and turn that small lapse into a complete relapse of continuous detrimental behaviors and poor choices. In fact you may need to cheat here and there (not often) to continue having a good relationship with food and fitness. One way my clients avoid this is through continuous journaling and planning ahead. Creating self awareness through journaling and planning meals and workouts ahead are two forms of how you can stay motivated to lose weight. Engaging in the two organizes your schedule and mind to accommodate your healthy lifestyle. So if you lapse and have that banana split its fine just don’t do it often, enjoy in good portions and make a better choice next time!

Form a Healthy Relationship with Healthy Living
If you dread your workout and hate what you are eating how can you stay motivated to lose weight? You can’t so change both if you have to. If a salad just doesn’t cut it then eat something else! And if the reason you didn’t work out today is because you are dreading that one hour of gut wrenching sweat and pain then do a different workout! Some may disagree but in my opinion the only way you will continue doing both is if you associate the two as something you enjoy doing not something you dread. I’d rather you ate clean and did some form of physical activity versus none at all. Also some of you just don’t have enough knowledge: “I don’t know what to eat” or “I’m not sure what I’m doing at the gym”. A sure way to stay motivated to lose weight is to engage in on-going learning. Thank goodness social media allows this to be super duper easy. If you spend lots of time on Instagram, Facebook blogs or YouTube begin following people, groups, videos or posts that encompass healthy living. If you enjoy reading a book or listening to audio CDs then do so! This is where you will find out about recipes, tips and fitness ideas you may have never heard of or thought to try. Knowledge is power so surround yourself with on-going learning. That is a sure answer for how you can stay motivated to lose weight.

Remember Your Reasons
What were your reasons for starting this change in lifestyle? Was it your kids? Energy levels? Health? Those and more are all valid reasons to stay motivated to lose weight. Ask yourself what will happen if you don’t stick to your plan? What will become of all those reasons you stated? Where will you be five, ten, fifteen years from now if you don’t stay motivated to continue making healthier choices? Assess the real reasons you want to do this and why they are important to you. Eating clean and engaging in physical activity are the cheapest and easiest forms of practicing preventative health. Do you really want to be up in your neck in medical bills when retirement funding and health coverage costs aren’t exactly on our side? I don’t think so. Aren’t you tired of feeling ill and out of breath even for the slightest activity? That’s not fun! Hone in on what your reasons are and it will contribute a great deal to how you can stay motivated to lose weight.

Get Cha’ Mind Right
I’ll leave you all with this. Our mind plays a big role in not only helping us feel motivated but to sustain this feeling of empowerment. It all begins with a choice and your mind will be on board if you program it so. Your mind will never be your enemy. You can compare it to that friend (we all have one of these) that co-signs everything you do as long as you explain why it’s “ok” to do it… even if it’s wrong!! If you tell yourself “it’s okay to rob this bank. I have a family to feed” then your mind will be an agreeing friend rather than your foe. Program your mind to aid you in a healthy way. It’s very easy to get into the habit of making constant excuses for your detrimental behaviors but you can always make another choice. Make another choice and your mind will follow along. Both your mind and body it will appreciate the healthier choice and initiative you’ve taken on.

I hope this post has shed some light on how you can stay motivated to lose weight. Contact me if you need any further assistance on how you can stay motivated to lose weight.

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