Difference Between Juicing and Blending

Hey guys! So many of my followers have been asking me about this whole Juicing craze that I’m constantly posting about on my IG (@wcoachnadiak). Well for starters the benefits of juicing and blending are extraordinary and serve multiple purposes. It is the cheapest form of preventative medicine. What I want to post about today is about the misinformation some people are receiving. Some have the intention of juicing but are blending or “smoothieng” their fruits and veggies with the impression that it reaps the same results or purpose. Don’t be mistaken as JUICING and BLENDING/SMOOTHIES are two very different processes. They are both the healthier choice don’t get me wrong but the two are different. Let’s talk about why:

Juicing is the extraction of the juice from fruits and veggies
You can use more ingredients in one juice.
You can usually throw the entire piece of fruit/ vegetable in the juicer without having to peel and remove pits. (research which are good to do this with and which are not)
The content of the juice is very concentrated because you are only getting the vitamins, minerals phytonutrients and antioxidants.
All of the above goes directly into your bloodstream. With Blending or eating you have to digest the food first to reap this benefit.
Easier to make delicious combos
Faster to make
Very liquid and smooth to drink

Cons:You have to drink the juice right away because of nutrient oxidation.
Not very filling and cannot supplement a meal
Need more ingredients and this can be costly
Fiber is removed and discarded to the side as a waste (unless used for otherwise)
Harder to clean up

Blending liquefies and blends the whole fruit or vegetable.

No waste
Fewer ingredients can be used so it’s less costly
The body absorbs the sugar slowly
The body absorbs the fiber and other nutrients found in the pul
Can be stored for longer. Usually 3 days.
Can supplement a meal because it is more filling
Easy to clean up
Better if intention is to add protein, yogurt, flax oil, or chia seeds

Cons:Very few ingredients so you can’t “bulk up” on fruits and veggies
Skins and pits must be removed
Water sometimes needed because consistency to thick
Harder to make delicious combos
Takes longer to drink so slower absorption of nutrients

So as you can see the two are very different. I prefer juicing (my personal choice) but I have seen great results from smoothies whether it’s as a meal replacement or snack. Either way there is an advantage to drinking your fruits and vegetables. One commonality is that most people do not chew their food in a manner fast enough for the body to use all the nutrients efficiently. Drinking them speeds up that process. It’s hard to get all of our daily servings of fruits and veggies in and what better way then to drink em all in bulk! Happy Friday

One thought on “Difference Between Juicing and Blending

  1. i cant wait to gte my uicer for my birthday in two weeks from now! i plan on juicing my life away lol and using the pulp in baking or things like home made soups and sauces

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